About Us

Mission Statement

Pelican Mission Statement: We Fly To Your Destination


To provide total satisfaction to its clients and employees through the company’s core values.

Core values

  • Safety: is top priority. PHC ensures that all safety requirements are met to prevent incidents before they occur, through informative driver safety training, incentives to promote self-improvement and ensuring all trucks have safety kits.

  • Communication: PHC ensures that there is effective communication between its employees and clients i.e. between drivers, escort team operation manager and clients, thus ensuring goods are delivered on time.

  • Professionalism: PHC staff are well trained and have experienced drivers ensuring that our trucks and your goods are in safe hands.

  • Commitment and integrity: PHC  always shows the “right” behavior by being committed to its clients and employees.

  • Effectiveness and efficiency: The ability to deliver cargo in a reliable, efficient, time saving and effective manor thus providing outstanding customer satisfaction.